Shaba Digital Marketing Add Social Media Marketing to Their SEO Focused Digital Marketing Services

Shaba Digital Marketing specialises in SEO based, full spectrum digital marketing solutions for businesses. They have just added Social Media Marketing to their suite of services.

Search Engine Optimisation has long been known to be one of the most important factors in creating a successful online marketing strategy, but many people only use SEO in their pay per click or website content campaigns, and don’t understand the implications of using the many online touchpoints available to ‘reverberate’ the same message and strengthen the effect on audiences. Shaba Digital Marketing understands this discipline acutely, and as such aim to provide a full suite of digital marketing services from a single provider, all imbued with a unified SEO campaign. They have just added social media marketing to their available services.

Shaba Digital Marketing understands that the established social media landscape of Facebook and Twitter is now being disrupted by things like Instagram and Snapchat, and there is a new gold rush and companies aim to establish dominance in these new markets quickly and efficiently.

Shaba Digital Marketing help companies address every single touch point, so that wherever a potential customer spends their time online, they will find the brand giving them a compelling offer and driving them to make a purchase. Every strategy used on social media is then reinforced by the PPC, Website and local optimization strategies they offer.

A spokesperson for Shaba Digital Marketing explained, “Recent research suggests that social media is becoming less and less social, and more about sharing content from third parties that reflect peoples’ values, passions, and lifestyles. This is a superb position for businesses to exploit, and we can help them make their brands compelling and sharable through these different touch points so that customers end up doing the selling on behalf of the company. Integrated with all our other approaches, there’s never been a more powerful global online marketing solution than the one we offer at Shaba Digital. We look forward to helping more clients than ever reach new levels of online success in 2016.”

About Shaba Digital Marketing: Shaba Digital Marketing regularly and consistently delivers fantastic results combining creative ideas with a vast range of experience and expertise. They offer full spectrum digital marketing solutions with a focus on SEO. They pursue relationships based on mutual trust, persistence, integrity and transparency with both customers and business partners. For more information, please visit: