Melbourne Weather

Will you be traveling to Melbourne in Australia anytime soon? Perhaps you are traveling on business, or maybe for a vacation. There are many things that you should know before your arrival such as where the best hotels are, where to eat out, and also find information on the weather. If you are going to be staying for a week or two, it's good to have some idea of what type of weather you can expect. Here is a quick overview of the kind of whether you can experience in Melbourne, depending on the time of year that you decide to travel to this beautiful city in Australia.

An Overview Of Melbourne

In the states of Victoria, the most populous city is Melbourne, which is also the capital. It is also the second most populous city when looking at all of the ones that you could visit in Oceana and Australia. When you hear the term Melbourne, it is referencing what is called an urban agglomeration area. It is the most common name for the city, in Metropolis built adjacent to Port Phillip, surrounded by many mountain ranges and valleys. It was originally founded by British colonists back in the 1800s. It received its name from a governor by the name of Sir Richard Bourke using the name of the British prime minister. It came to prominence as a result of the Victorian goldrush which, oddly, happened at the same time as the California gold rush back in the 1850s. This allowed it to become not only the wealthiest but the largest city and has continued to grow ever since.

The Climate Of Melbourne

The climate in this city is officially referred to as temperate oceanic climate. The weather conditions can change very quickly throughout the year, something that occurs as a result of its positioning in between this cool Southern Ocean and the hot inland areas. You will get the most diverse city in the climate and weather during the spring and summer, even spawning cold fronts to form. These can lead to extreme weather that is very severe including severe thunderstorms, hail, gales, and significant temperature drops which are all par for the course in the city of Melbourne.

When Is The Best Time To Travel?

If you look at the climate statistics, there are many variables to consider. For example, during the summer months of November through February, temperatures can get as high as 115°. The coldest time to travel is very comfortable, ranging between 57° and 72°. There is also quite a bit of rainfall throughout the year averaging between 47 inches and 66 inches of rain. You will get the least rainy days during the month if you decide to travel during the summer. On average, eight days of rain could happen, but during the winter, up to 16 days could bring quite a bit of rain.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect with the weather in Melbourne, Australia and also what times of the year are best for travel, you should consider booking your trip so you can experience everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

Weather In Melbourne