Melbourne Sports

Popular Sports In Melbourne

There’re no two ways about it, Melbourne is the sports capital of Australia. There is simply all manner of different sports that are played in Melbourne, and you can find just about anything to fit your tastes. You can find absolutely everything, from Australian rules football to tennis, and just about anything in between.

If you’re curious, there are a few sports that are more popular than others. Every area has their favorite sports, after all, and Melbourne is no different. If you’re curious, here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular sports.

Australian Rules Football

The most popular sport in Melbourne is Australian rules football. It’s also referred to as Footy, Aussie Rules, and officially known as Australian Football. It’s played between two teams of eighteen players, which differs from American football in which the two teams have eleven players. It also differs from American football in that the way to score a goal is to kick the ball between two goalposts.

There are a number of other differences, such as the different ways a ball can be moved across the field, who can hold the ball and when, and what kind of full body moves can be performed. It also doesn’t need to be played on a specific style of a field. While there are Australian football fields, it can also be played on modified cricket fields, and other types of fields as long as they’re the right size.

Melbourne Cricket Ground



Baseball is another extremely popular sport in Melbourne. Unlike Australian football, baseball in Australia doesn’t have any particularly special rules. It’s played on the same kind of field as American baseball, with the same number of players. You can find plenty of Australian baseball games being played on the various baseball fields in Melbourne!

British Sports

Because of Australia’s history as a British Commonwealth, you can find some British influences in terms of sports. Some of the most popular sports in Melbourne include Rugby and Cricket. It’s estimated, in fact, that some 54% of all people who consider themselves sports enthusiasts are fond of watching Cricket.

If you’ve never seen a game of Cricket being played, it’s something to watch. It’s something similar to baseball, in that you have a pitcher throwing a ball, and a batter trying to smack the ball with the cricket bat. However, the details of where the various fielders stand, how the ball is caught, and how points are scored are quite different. It’s an amazing game, and worth a watch.

Those aren’t the only sports that are played in Melbourne, of course. Those are just some of the most popular. The point is if you’re interested in going to Melbourne but you want to make sure there’re plenty of sporting activities for you to enjoy, you don’t have to worry. Melbourne has plenty of sports, and no matter what kind of sport you’d like to watch or play, you won’t find yourself lacking for choice.